Kefir Milk for BV

Can Kefir Cure BV? A lot of women wonder whether kefir milk can help to treat their bacterial vaginosis. Kefir is a cultured milk product that originated in the Middle East and is commonly served in the form of a thick milkshake like drink. It tastes a lot like yogurt with a tart but mild flavor. It’s often also sweetened with fruit and is a very versatile product which can be substituted for yogurt (plain) or sour cream.

How Kefir Works.  Kefir is very high in Lactobacillus acidophilus, a probiotic culture which has been proven to be highly effective in helping to treat BV by preventing the growth of the bacterial colonies which lead to BV.


What women are saying about kefir.  One woman that I heard from recently said that she had been using kefir for several months to treat her BV. Her preferred method of treatment was to mix a cup of plain kefir with some cranberry juice in the blender and drink it as a shake.  She found that within four weeks of beginning this treatment, her BV symptoms had cleared completely. Another woman wrote to me and told me that she had inserted plain kefir directly into her vagina, morning and night,for four days and that by the third day the smell was nearly gone and that after a week, her BV had completely cleared up.  The easiest way to insert kefir vaginally is to soak a tampon in it and then inserted directly into the vagina. You can also fill a plastic, disposable tampon applicator with kefir and then inject it into the vaginal cavity.  If you choose to insert it vaginally without a tampon, make sure that you do this at night. Otherwise, you may find yourself with kefir running down your leg at and inopportune time!

Kefir is relatively inexpensive and can be obtained at any major health food chain.


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